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M.C. Week Series Spotlight: Forsaken Sinners MC by Shelly Morgan

Rewriting Destiny (Forsaken Sinners MC Prequel)
When life gives you lemons, it’s time for shots of tequila. That’s my new saying in life, and trust me, life handed me lots of lemons.

For eighteen years I took those lemons that life and “destiny” threw at me and made lemonade, but I’m no longer a naive girl. I was forced to grow up too fast and the one person I depended on turned his back on me. So now I say screw the lemonade and just give me a bottle of tequila, because I don’t believe in destiny anymore.

There is no pre-designed path set out for each of us. Sometimes bad things happen, it’s just a part of life. It sucks, but you have to pick yourself up and get on with your life. I’m done just sitting around and waiting for my life to change or something good to just fall in my lap. It took me awhile to understand, but once I was done being the doormat to destiny, it was time for me to take control. I would decide where I would go in life and what would happen. It wouldn't always be pretty, it would sometimes hurt like hell, but I would make sure I lived my life to the fullest.

It time to rewrite destiny.
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Fighting Destiny (Forsaken Sinners MC #1)
Toby has always been the quiet one unless he needed to be heard. He lives and breathes his club and fighting - in or outside of the cage. But that all means nothing when Sara walks into his gym for a self-defense class he's teaching. Wither her, he feels at peace, which isn't something he's ever felt before.

Sara was always a doormat and a pushover. But after years of being abused, both physically and emotionally, she decides to leave her boyfriend. In order to do that though, she has to leave what few friends she still has, her job and her apartment behind. She flees from New York to California, hoping that it is far enough away he won't find her.

They meet when they never expected it. But when they are together, they feel things they have never felt before. Can they survive when Sara's past clouds their present? Can Sara get over Toby's hard exterior? Or will they only hurt each other beyond repair?

It's time to decide if they will follow what fate has set out for them or if they will both be in for the fight of their lives; Fighting Destiny.
Releasing July 17th

About Shelly Morgan
I was born and raised in a small town in Iowa. I have three children and work from home. My storytelling and writing started when I was very young; always telling stories and writing small books that I swore would get published; I would pride myself in being the author, editor and illustrator. But the more I grew up, the less I had time to write the stories that were constantly in my head. But in 2014, I wanted to give it a go, so I started writing the story that was my favorite in my head; Rewriting Destiny. It was only going to be a standalone and wasn't going to be something I would publish, but the more I wrote, I needed to share with the world and the more I fell in love with the characters. There was no way I could leave it with just one story, so it will no be a series.
Reading and writing are my passion and I'm so grateful to be able to share my stories with the world.
Interview Time......

1.Tell us a bit about yourself? Oh my, where to start! lol Well, I grew up in a small town in Northeast Iowa. I always had a love of telling and writing stories, but the older I got I got more into reading, so my stories went on the back burner. But then a couple years ago, I kept thinking of this one story and couldn't get it out of my head (Rewriting Destiny), so I decided I needed to put it on paper and you know the rest from there on that note. I also have three children and I work from home!

2. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? I always liked writing, like I said, but it wasn't until I was a few chapters in with Rewriting Destiny and someone read it that they said I needed to publish it. After hearing that, I got more serious about being a writer, but I guess you could say I've always wanted to be a writer, just never thought it would happen.

3. Who are your literary role models? Oh gosh, I hate this question! I have so many and I don't want to leave any out but I'll name a few that are off the top of my head: Jenika Snow, River Savage, M N Forgy, Kim Jones, Joanna Wylde, Kira Johns, Chantal Fernando, and B.B. Reid. There are SO many more, but those are the ones off the top of my head.

4. What do you like to do when you're not writing? Working and spending time with family and friends. Oh, and reading lol
5. Out of all the books you've written, do you have a favourite? If so which one? Well, right now, my favorite is Fighting Destiny (at least, that's the one I can say right now lol)
6. What inspired the Forsaken Sinners MC Series? Well, when I started writing Rewriting Destiny, it was only going to be a standalone, but then I feel in love with all the other characters and HAD to write their stories too! As far as inspiration, I don't think I really had an inspiration, it was just Dani and Zane that was in my head and then the others evolved better than I thought possible.

7. All the covers are absolutely amazing for this series. What was the idea behind each one? Robin with Wicked by Design did a fantastic job and they turned out exactly the way I wanted. For Rewriting Destiny, I told her I had a tattoo that was important for Dani and I wanted Zane in there. I wanted it to look dark because she was sort of a tortured soul. She took off with that and made it what it is. It's amazing. Fighting Destiny, I saw this picture when I was looking for teaser pics and instantly thought "That's Toby!" So I sent it to her and she made it the way it is. I have the cover for Defying Destiny, but I haven't released yet so I won't say too much, but it's dark and intense. I LOVE it! I think that one might be my favorite :)

8. Did you have any muses for the Forsaken Sinners? If so can you share them with us? Not really. I know that's sad, but I can't say I do.

9. Do you have a character that is close to your heart from this series? If so who and what makes them so special? I would say Dani is very close to my heart. I wanted her to be so strong and able to handle anything. She's the perfect woman in my eyes. I tried to humanize her a little bit and bring more emotions to her character in Fighting Destiny and let me tell you... She is amazing. I also have a soft spot for Toby and a hard on for Louie lol Toby is hard but sweet and Louie is intense and just freaking hot!

10. What's next on the agenda for you? Well, I'm working on Defying Destiny now. I'm also working on a novella for a project I'm doing with a bunch of other authors for an anthology that will be out next year in June I believe. It's called The Preacher's Daughter and will spotlight the Death Dealers MC. It's going to be a dark romance, I'm excited to dive deeper into the characters of Rebecca and Cain. I'm also finishing up a surprise project (I can't say more but I'll be revealing soon!) and trying to get more done on the standalone Pretend for Me. I started it a while ago, but have been so focused on the series I haven't gotten much done, but I hope to have it out before end of the year.

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