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Lilly Wilde Spotlight

Lilly Wilde is the Author of The Untouched Series (Untouched, Touched, Touched By Him, Only His Touch, etc). She is a wife and mom who loves to fill each day with happiness and laughter. Lilly loves to dream, get lost in fantasy and create alternate worlds in which we can escape ever so often. She’s down-to-earth, engaging and compassionate with a great sense of humor. Her laughter is one of the first qualities that you’ll notice; you’ll become instantly drawn to her witty and fun-loving spirit. Lilly spent a lot of time daydreaming as a child which led to numerous hours of reading and eventually the writing of poetry. The first story Lilly began writing was entitled He Lied To Me, a novel she plans to complete in the near future. After years of starting and stopping several novels, she eventually set a goal to complete her debut novel, Untouched. Her stories are of strength, growth, facing demons and stepping outside your comfort zone; they often surround topics of family and love and the beauty of both.
Untouched (The Untouched Series #1)
UNTOUCHED, first in the series, followed by TOUCHED and TOUCHED BY HIM...

Untouched is an enthralling story of Aria Cason who has turned her back on love in favor of her career. Aria's past gives her reason to redirect her life and strictly focus on success; allowing little to no room for anything more.

Every part of Aria's life is structured and organized, including love and sex, which are always strategically planned until Aiden Wyatt. Aiden surfaces at Raine Publishing House as an intern who, from the initial meeting, causes several side-steps for Aria. Aiden's extraordinary good looks and commanding demeanor change Aria’s structured world, unlocking feelings that she has vowed to never embrace as he introduces her to a world of intimacy she's never before experienced. Aiden's presence ultimately forces her to face past demons and fight to keep the current ones at bay as she realizes that running is never the answer.

He leaned down and kissed my cheek, and I closed my eyes relishing in the warmth and softness of his lips. He planted a sweet chaste kiss below my chin and lightly swept his lips back and forth across my cheek moving toward my ear. He reached for my arms, sliding his hands up my shoulders and I fell into his chest, relenting to his heated touch. His lips were on my neck, planting soft, sensuous kisses at the nape and slowly moving his hand upward, reaching my hair and gently pulling, forcing my head back, fully exposing my neck. His touch had weakened me to gentle whimpers. I should’ve fought him, I knew it with everything in me but I couldn’t, and at that moment I didn’t want to. He turned me so that my back was to him. With his hands resting on my shoulders, he walked me to the side of my desk.
“You didn’t answer me, Miss Cason. Exactly what would you like me to not do? I would like to think I would do anything for you with one exception and that’s letting this go before we have a chance to see where it takes us. I won’t do that,” he said, his smoky voice hypnotizing me.

I turned to face him and saw no signs of relenting in his eyes. I was fucked because there wasn’t a chance in hell that I would be able to avoid what I knew was inevitable.

“You won’t do it? It’s not as if I don’t have a say in this. You will only do what I allow you to do, and nothing more,” I said.

“Oh, so are you saying you allowed me to kiss you in the elevator? And I assume you allowed me to unbutton your shirt and grab your breasts and tug on your perfect nipples? And I am pretty certain you allowed me to place your hand on my cock and taste me?”

“Fuck you.”
“That’s what I am hoping you will allow me to do - fuck you.”

Virginia was throbbing, filled with want for this man who she and I both knew was off limits.

“I want you to feel me deep inside you. Give me that, allow me that, Aria.”

He’d never called me Aria before. It was the most beautiful and provocative thing I’d ever heard. 

“Yes,” I whispered and he took me into his arms and gently kissed me. His kiss was soft and deep before evolving into a heated fierce feast as we tasted each other. He pulled away and turned me to face my desk. His cock was poking my back as he leaned down to kiss my neck.
“Mmmm. Your skin is so soft and sweet,” he murmured, his voice smooth as velvet.

I moaned in response as he reached to cup my breasts while he traced his tongue along my neck. He pinned me against the desk, positioned so that I was only able to move my upper torso, guiding me so that I was leaning over the side. He reached to slowly raise my skirt and I heard his sharp intake of breath as he took in what was on display for him. He spread my legs and quickly slid my panties to the side. Before I could object, he was inside me, filling me. I became limp and my mind went someplace else as I relished in the heated lust of this man easing his dick out of me. I savored every thick hard inch until he was back in again. Only this time, he didn’t slide slowly into my pussy. He plowed into me with such fierceness that my body bolted forward. Damn, he was so deep. He pulled out and slammed into me again.
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Touched (The Untouched Series #2)
Touched, the sequel to the debut novel Untouched, continues with the emotionally provocative journey of Aria Cason and Aiden Wyatt. Aria had meticulously constructed her world- both in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Her life was exactly as she wanted it and everything made sense…before Aiden. After Aiden, was an entirely different story. Aiden’s disarming and unrelenting allure eventually stripped Aria of her protective shield allowing Aiden emotional and sexual access that she’d considered forbidden to any man. Aiden forced emotions to the surface that Aria had rebuked since childhood, touching a part of her that she found disturbingly unfamiliar. She now finds herself in a unique position as she shuffles to regain her balance and reassemble the pieces that Aiden left in his wake. But how will she suppress what Aiden somehow managed to awaken?

Led by career aspirations, Aria reluctantly maneuvers within Aiden's orbit and their forced pairing eventually hits several hurdles. Is Aria strong enough to fight her instincts and remain in Aiden's world? Will her initial reservations resurface, confirming her convictions that love can only result in tragedy? Or will Aiden ultimately convince Aria that love isn't the disaster she always thought? Regardless of the option Aria chooses, Aiden’s past and other secrets will unfold, forcing Aria down a path she never saw coming.
I was almost out of here. I grabbed my bag and headed toward the door. He walked quietly behind me. This was so crazy. I felt on edge. I reached the door and turned to face him. He was staring down at me like a predator eyeing its prey and my heart rate instantly accelerated.
“Are you okay?” he asked, reaching out to me. “You look adorable by the way.”
So he liked me even when I tried to look like crap. I shrugged his hand away. “Yes, I’m fine.”
“Are you sure?” he asked, stepping closer … he was mere inches from me.
“Yes, I’m sure,” I replied, swallowing the lump in my throat.
His gaze lowered to the rapid rise and fall of my chest. “Why has your breathing accelerated?”
“Because you’re pissing me off.”
“I suspect there’s more to it than that,” he said.
“Well you’re wrong. I’m upset because in a span of five seconds, you spoiled what I’d considered a nice evening.”
“I think you’re upset because you want something you’re afraid to ask for.”
“And according to you, I want you?” I asked.
“It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. Ask. I’ll give it to you,” he said, his voice deep and laced with honey. There was no doubt about it … his voice was pure sex.
“Of course, you’d think that. You make everything so much more difficult than it has to be. You frustrate the hell out of me!” I exclaimed.
“We all have frustrations, Aria. It’s how you resolve them that makes the difference. In regards to you for instance, you have frustrations with me. Take them out on me. Fuck me. I’ll surrender total control. You wanted that at one time right?”
“Is that what this has reverted to?” I asked, in disbelief.
“Only because you’ve made it that way. And if that’s the only way I can have you, I’ll take it … at least for now.”
“What about your paramour? Is she on board with your sexual propensities?” I probed.
“The insecure twit that was with you at the charity event,” I said.
“Aria, I’ve told you on countless occasions, you needn’t focus on irrelevant people; focus on me.”
“I don’t want to focus on you Aiden and I can certainly do without the headache of dealing with you again.”
“Okay, no headaches then. You’ve dissociated sex and emotions before. Do it with me.”
“What?” He was confusing me and he’d obviously read and shredded the hell out of my plan long before I’d arrived because this shit had gone terribly awry.
“You heard me.”
If I could actually do that with him, it would be the best of both worlds.
What are you? Crazy? Say yes bitch! Virginia just had to come bursting out of her cave. Of course, she wanted me to say yes. Kingston was all she wanted.
I sighed. I could make it easy and just fuck the shit out of him. But nothing was ever easy with him. I opened my mouth to say no but somehow Virginia spoke for me. “Just sex? Our secret?  No expectations? No emotional bullshit?”
“That’s what I’m offering.”
“In that case, I accept.” I knew I was lying to myself even before I said the words. As badly as I needed to, I couldn’t shut off my feelings but I wanted to fuck him so badly that the lie didn’t matter.
He pushed me against the door, his eyes filling with heated lust as they linked with mine. He traced his thumb across my lip and in the next second, his mouth was on mine, assaulting my lips, his tongue rediscovering my mouth. My bag fell to the floor and my hands were in his hair, fisting handfuls as he raptured me. He grabbed my hands, forcing them above my head as he went for my neck … uncontrollably sucking, licking and kissing. His hungry mouth devouring me; he was as starved for me as I was for him.
I struggled to pull my hands from his grasp. I wanted to touch him. He released my wrists and turned me to face the door. He pressed his rock-hard frame against mine and nipped my ear as his hands traveled along my body. His mouth was on my neck, kissing and licking. In one swift movement my sweatpants and panties were at my ankles and he was on his knees, spreading my ass apart. I moaned as his tongue prodded the tight hole. I reached for his head and pushed it in further, rotating my ass in his mouth. He stood and scooped me up. Our lips and tongues tousling as he swiftly carried me to the bedroom. He severed our kiss and dropped me on the bed. We were both panting as we stared at each other. I reached for his waist and with anxious hands, I hurriedly unbuttoned his jeans. He pushed my hands away and pulled out his big beautiful cock. I gasped upon seeing the vast satisfying image of what I’d been fantasizing about for months. Not removing his pants, he shoved me back on the bed and pushed my legs apart. He was in me within seconds. I screamed, digging my nails in his back at the first deep intrusive thrust.
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Touched By Him (The Untouched Series #3)
Touched By Him, book three of the Untouched Series, continues Aria and Aiden’s story. A more detailed book description will be released on November 15, 2015 with the Book Cover Reveal.

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Worth Saving W.S. Greer Blog Tour

Title: Worth Saving

Author: W.S. Greer

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published: October 17, 2015

When we first met, we were both lost. It was written in our eyes when we first saw each other. My past haunted me, your present haunted you. I could see that you were aching, yet trying to bury the pain deep down so that no one would know, but it was there. I saw it. I saw you. 

I thought you needed me to swoop in and save the day; to be your hero, your knight in shining armor that would ride in and rescue you from the torment. And something inside drove me to a place I'd never been before. A place where it didn't matter how stacked the odds were, because nothing would stand between us. Nothing would stand in the way of me being the savior you needed me to be, and I'd go to hell and back to protect you. I thought you needed me, but I was wrong.

It's me who needs you. I need your heart next to mine in order to get over what I've been through, and to push through the obstacles that are in our way now. It won't be easy. It'll be the hardest thing either of us has ever had to endure, but as long as we make it through together, it'll all be worth it, because you're worth every bit of the struggle. It's because of you that I can stare death in the face and not feel the slightest hint of fear. You make it all okay. You're worth it. You’re worth saving.

“The story itself was amazing. Both Layla and Austin's story hit home for me. Layla was so brave. She fought her way out of one hell into another.” ~ My Girlfriends Nook Korner

“The characters are real and it’s easy to see their pain. Click it up friends if you want a brutal love story along with a story of survival. It’s good. Give it a chance! Everyone is worth saving.” ~ Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets

WS Greer is a multi-genre author, and an active duty military member with the US Air Force. He’s been serving his country since 2004, and has been an author since his debut novel, Frozen Secrets, was released in 2013. 

WS was born to military parents in San Antonio, Texas, and bounced around as a child, from Okinawa, Japan, to Florida, to New Mexico, where he met his high school sweetheart, who’d become his wife in 2003. Together, the two of them have two wonderful children, and are currently living overseas on the tiny island of Guam.

WS has tackled different genres throughout his writing career. From suspense with his debut novel Frozen Secrets, to erotic suspense with his bestselling Carter trilogy and Defending Her, and now contemporary romance with Worth Saving. As a reader, WS usually prefers the drama of suspense, but as a writer, he’s branched out and is doing his best to reach a wide audience and a plethora of readers.

WS loves connecting with his fans and readers, and does so whenever he gets the chance, and he would love to hear from you. You can find him on his personal blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Stay tuned, there’s more great stories coming from WS Greer! 

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