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Filthy Megan D. Martin Review

Title: Filthy 2 
Author: Megan D. Martin
Release Date: September 1st, 2014
Faye Turner’s nose itches for another bump of cocaine and her body burns for the man she can’t have—Rhett Hale, her step-brother. He is completely different than the guy she fell for four years ago—the guy who turned her down. Now he’s a clean cut stranger with eyes that burn with a constant war of lust and hate.

But he isn’t the only one with eyes for Faye.

Someone else is back from her old life… And Faye finds herself falling further into the past she tried to forget.

***Filthy is a dark erotic serial novel that will release in six monthly segments of around 50 pages each. This book is not for those who like a traditional heroine. Faye and Rhett's story is dark, complicated, and twisted with themes that are not acceptable to all readers. Read at your own risk.***
My Review:
Megan D. Martin has done it again!! In this book some important information is learned about Faye’s past as we are introduced to Taylor (Rhett’s father). From the minute he was introduced, I wanted to reach into the book and murder him.
Filthy 2 is obviously the second book in the Filthy serial but it is WAY better than the first. Everything you thought was going to happen gets thrown out the window and just when you think Rhett couldn’t be even more of a jacka** to Faye well you better think again. I’m dying to find out what happens next!!

***** out of 5 stars
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Her Journey Rachael Orman Review

Title: Her Journey (Her Series #2)
Author: Rachael Orman
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publication Date: August 27, 2014

He’s exactly what she doesn’t need…

He’s exactly what she shouldn’t want…

He’s exactly what she should stay away from…

But she can't.

After losing her mother, Melia knew her life would never be the same, she just didn’t expect it to be so drastically different. Her mother’s final wish was something that not only changed her life but also the way she lives it. And it put her right in front of a man that angers her as much as he excites her.

Patrick ‘Wrench’ Ryan is president of the Tormented Souls Motorcycle Club. He’s strong, tough, and his word is law, but his sister knows how to get the upper hand with him. So, when she showed up with Melia and told him she’s staying in the club house, it didn’t take much to get him to relent. He tried to play nice, but Melia gets under his skin.

Things change when the club’s biggest foe escalates their rivalry in an attempt to bring the Tormented Souls President to his knees. It’s up to Patrick to protect his sister and the things most important to her. Will he be able to keep everyone safe? Will Melia get caught in the crossfire? Or will it all be for nothing in the end?


After reading Her Ride, I was dying for Patrick's story and Rachael didn't disappoint at all! I’m a huge MC book fan and the Her Series has quickly made it to my top ten MC series list. If you haven’t read Her Ride, you definitely should before you start Her Journey so you get the whole experience.

Patrick (Wrench) is a major man whore and a huge cocky jacka** when he first meets Melia. He even manages to knock her over when she’s pregnant with his sister and best friend’s baby (he’s unaware of this) and is completely rude about it claiming it’s her fault.

Melia despite the attraction she feels for Patrick tries to hate him but once Patrick realizes he wants Melia nothing will stand in his way.

The attraction between Melia and Patrick was HOT. I’m a sucker for a good sex scene and this book had that and more.

The moment I started the book I couldn't put it down at all. Rachael does a fabulous job at writing characters that are so raw and real that you grow to love them throughout the story. I fell in love with Patrick and how he grew and matured to try to win Melia. Patrick definitely flew past Ellis for the battle for my favorite.

I absolutely love this series and can’t wait to see what she has in store for future books in this series.
***** out of 5 stars

Stay at home mother of two with a passion for reading almost as much as writing. She is often found curled up with her Kindle reading while her children cuddle up on either side 'reading' books of their own. Married for almost ten years to the most wonderful husband and father, she couldn't ask for more out of life. Except maybe to live somewhere not quite as hot as the desert she currently lives in



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Her Ride (Book #1 in Her Series)

Her Journey (Book #2 in Her Series) - Pre-Order TODAY!

Every Soul LK Collins Cover + Book Trailer Reveal








Title: Every Soul 

Author: LK Collins

Genre: Erotic Romance


When you lose the one person who grounds your existence, your whole world changes.

In life, it is said that everything happens for a reason. If that’s true, how can you explain death? Especially when it happens to someone so young, so beautiful, and so innocent? My name is Bain

Adams, and I struggle with these thoughts every day. I’ve been through hell and back, somehow surviving the unimaginable. My sister took her life six months ago, and now, what’s left is a shell

of the man I once was, a shadow of the person I used to be. Do I miss that life? Absolutely. But I miss her more, every day. I pray time will ease the pain and help my suffering while I search for the

answers...but so far, nothing.

Happiness is something I knew so long ago, and now it’s nothing but a faint, distant recollection of the life I once had. My name is Arion LaSalle, and seven months ago my life was shredded to

pieces when my fiancé disappeared while deployed. He never came home, burning a hindrance of pain and agony within my soul. For so long, I lived my life believing everything happens for a

reason, until now. ‘Cause none of it makes any sense. Why Nate? Why only him? Since getting through each breath is a struggle, I put on a fake persona, pretending I’m someone I’m not, living my

life recklessly. Because for me, it was all taken far too soon.


Cover Designer: B Designs

Model: Andrew England

Photographer: Michael Stokes


Created by Danielle Torella

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LK Collins

LK Collins is first and foremost a devoted wife and mother. She loves music and has openly admitted that she's addicted to it. Without the strength of the words from some of her favorite artists,

what she does...would not be possible. She works the normal 9 to 5 like the rest of the world, but is fortunate that she's allowed to listen to music for eight hours a day. When she gets home, she

turns into Superwoman; juggling the crazy world of being an indie author, a mom, and a wife. Both her daughter and her husband share names with famous presidents. Her husband is referred to

by her readers as "the Prez", a name well deserved.

LK has had a passion for the worlds created by authors for as long as she can remember and with the support of the Prez, she has successfully self-published three titles in the Life. Destiny. Fate

Series. While her books are erotica, they are also known for dramatic storylines that will keep the reader enthralled from page one. Not to mention that while she may write a series, each is a stand-
alone novel.

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Missing Jessica Wilde Cover Reveal

TITLE: MISSING (The Brannock Siblings #3)


AUTHOR: Jessica Wilde


There are two things in this life that Gus Brannock truly loves; his family and his job. 

His family is growing and he wants what his brother and sister have before the job he's 

worked so hard for takes its toll. The woman he's got his eye on, however, isn't interested 

in being with a man who risks his life every day. When the unexpected friendship with 

the sassy red head he used to hate turns into something Gus just doesn't want to live 

without, he will do whatever it takes to have her. The hazards of his job as a detective 

for missing children may end up proving to be too much, but there's a reason Aiden was 

brought into his life and nothing will stand in his way to keep her there.

Aiden Murphy used to hate the handsome jerk next door until a surprising discovery spun 

her world in another direction. Her life of devotion to her sister and niece has been her 

biggest strength with the exception of her art. That is, until Gus turns out to be the one 

thing that has been missing from that life all along. Aiden must decide if the unknown is 

worth the risk of loving the dedicated detective or if being pulled into his world is more 

than she can handle. When Gus becomes the only way for her to keep the people she 

loves most safe, will she understand why he treasures her untried strength or will she let 

her fear of the unknown decide for her?

For readers 18+ due to strong language and sexual situations.

Other Books In this series:

Leverage (The Brannock Siblings #1)

Leverage on Goodreads:


Adventure. That's all Aislinn 'Ash' Brannock wanted in her life. Her dad and two 

brothers - all cops - got to see it all, but their over-protectiveness made her feel like 

she had been locked away in a tower with three fire breathing dragons watching 

her every move. Yes, it was that bad. The only silver lining? Lucas Shade. Her 

brothers' best friend growing up, and apparently the only man she will ever love 

because let's face it, none of the others even come close. After an unfortunate 

mistake lands her back in her father's home, her world is turned upside down and 

Lucas is there in a tightly wrapped package of serious with a big red bow on top. 

Life just got interesting, but it comes with a price, one she never wanted to pay.

Detective Lucas Shade never had a real family, but the Brannocks took him in as one of 

their own and he never took it for granted. Ash was a big reason for why he stuck around, 

but in order to save himself the beating of a lifetime from her two older brothers, he kept 

his feelings for her hidden. When the case he has been working on for months takes a 

turn, Ash could become the leverage the bad guys have been waiting for, but keeping her 

invisible may destroy everything Lucas has worked so hard for. Good thing Ash is the 

only person he would give up everything to protect.

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Conned (The Brannock Siblings #2)

Conned on Goodreads:


Conall Brannock takes his job seriously. He doesn't get attached, he doesn't ask 

questions, and he protects his family at all costs. Nothing will change that. Not 

even the sweet, green eyed witness that just burst into his life and shifted his world. 

He has one job to do; protect Emily until she can testify. He can't let his interest in 

her get in the way, but the more he finds out about her, the more he can't help but 

wonder how the beautiful broken girl got into this mess in the first place. And the 

Emily Dawson has a job to do. Stay off the grid, testify, and hopefully get her 

brother back. He's all she has left of the family she struggled so hard to hold 

together and she would do anything to keep him safe. Even if it means she has 

put herself in harm's way or that she has conned everyone into believing she saw 

longer he takes to learn the truth, the deeper he falls for her.

something she didn't. She knows where her loyalties lie, but her stoic yet gentle 

protector and his crazy family makes her question everything she once knew.

Loyalty can be one sided.

Family isn't always blood.

And honesty can destroy everything she has come to love.

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About The Author:

I live in Morgan Utah with my husband, daughter, and dog, Kolo. I write as often as my 

active daughter will let me and my husband has the patience of a saint. I find inspiration 

from dreams, people I meet, and life experiences. When I write, I usually end up drinking 

one too many cans of Peace Tea, eating three too many Fruit by the Foot fruit snacks, 

and accidently kicking my pup and best buddy, Kolo, too many times since he loves to 

sleep under my desk at my feet. I started writing as a teen, but my fear of the unknown 

won out every time and I threw everything out. After becoming a mother and deciding to 

stay at home to raise my beautiful little girl, I tried again when I couldn't stop thinking of 

ideas. I loved every minute, every hour of sleep lost, and every character that came to life 

in my mind. It's strange, but my favorite moments are when I have writer's block because 

I can turn to my husband and find inspiration through him by just doing what we do best 

together. Talking, laughing, and just being in love. He doesn't like to read, but he never 

stops encouraging me to keep going. Writing has become an important part of my life 

and every book has a special place in my heart.

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What Doesn't Destroy Us M.N. Forgy Blog Tour

Book Title: What Doesn't Destroy Us 
(Devil's Dust Series #1)
Author: M.N. Forgy 
Release Date: June 27th, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult


When Dani's sheltered life is turned upside down by her mother's secrets, she finds protection with her estranged outlaw father. Against all warnings, she falls for bad boy biker, Shadow. He is beast and beauty sealed in a leather cut with a gun holster. Can Dani learn to live within the Club rules? Is she more like her father than she could imagine?
Shadow has grown up among drug addicts, whores and murderers. The only family he's ever trusted has been the Devil's Dust motorcycle club. He will do anything for a brother; even kill. In fact, killing is so easy, he's made a career of it. His one regret is not being able to kill his own worthless mother. When Dani shows up with her provocative temper and innocent charm, Shadow begins to question his violent lifestyle. But can he trust her with his demons?
Will Dani and Shadow let family ties destroy them?

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(Devil's Dust Series #2)




The Devil's Dust MC has a list of new threats to the club's lifestyle. Dani, to prove her loyalty, is trying to embrace a part of herself that she never knew existed until now. A sinful beast lurking beneath her surface has been awakened and is ready to eliminate anyone that stands in its way. Looking at her stained hands, she rinses the blood from them. She resigns herself to innocence lost and welcomes her thirst for more blood. 

After a breathtaking turn of events, Shadow is looking at life in a different perspective. Not knowing who he can trust or who he can forgive has left him feeling desolate and alone. As Shadow is laying behind his rifle, he wonders if he can pull the trigger to eliminate the threat. He takes a deep breath and squeezes the trigger, the rifle recoil ignites the fuel that drives him. 

Retaliations will be required. 

Boundaries will be shattered. 

Redemption will be lost. 

Betrayal so deep, yet they still yearn for one another. Can Shadow overlook Dani’s transgressions? Can Dani overlook the mistrust that Shadow has placed upon her? 


This novel contains explicit language, sex, drugs, violence, and sexual situations that some might find offensive. This book is intended for adults 18+ years of age.

Author Bio:

M.N. Forgy was raised in Missouri where she still lives with her family. She's a soccer mom by day and a saucy writer by night. M.N. Forgy started writing at a young age but never took it seriously until years later, as a stay-at-home mom, she opened her laptop and started writing again. As a role model for her children, she felt she couldn't live with the "what if" anymore and finally took a chance on her character's story. So, with her glass of wine in hand and a stray Barbie sharing her seat, she continues to create and please her fans.

What Doesn't Destroy Us (Devils Dust Book One)
The Scars That Define Us ( Devils Dust Book Two) Releasing October 31st

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All Who Are Lost by Lindsey Forrest Cover Reveal

All Who Are Lost
 Lindsey Forrest

Series: Ashmore's Folly Trilogy: Book One 
Cover Design: Robin Ludwig of Robin Ludwig Design, Inc
Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction (Romance) 
Expected Release Date: October 21, 2014

One man.
Too many betrayals.
Three women.
One last chance.

On a cold winter day, a woman calls a number halfway across the world.

A man answers.

After fourteen years, Laura St. Bride hears the voice she has never forgotten, the voice she will remember with her last breath…

What do you do
when the love of your life
is the last person you should love?

A great family estate in Virginia.

Three sisters growing up in the shadow of their father’s obsessive drive to recapture his lost muse, the woman he threw into the cold Irish sea.

The scion of an old family, falling in love with the wrong sister, blind to the ice at her core.

A woman haunted by a moment of blood and violence, when she reached out and took a man who didn’t belong to her.

A man living a life of regret and sacrifice, given a second chance to claim the woman he should have loved all along.


I know you’re out there somewhere....

She stared out across a crowded London square, unknowing, unseeing, the serenity of her face captured in the flat surface of the theatrical poster. The light noon rain ran down in small diagonal rivers across her, crinkling the smooth plain of her forehead and the gentle cut of her jaw. She wept, large, abandoned tears that warred with the lovely turn of her mouth.

The Great Cat, they called her.

Many of those who had come to Leicester Square, hunting for half-price theater tickets, gravitated to her, beckoned by her eyes, lured on by the legend of mist and mystery that surrounded her. A few balked at the price of “An Intimate Evening with Cat Courtney.” Others realized to their sorrow that they had conflicting tickets, meals planned with in-laws, flights to catch. Three nights only, announced the poster, and this, unfortunately, was the last night.

She smiled out at them all, oblivious to their concerns, uncaring of the rain wetting her face.

The American tourist who came walking into the square, his daughter by his side, did not notice her at first. The rain had stopped for a few minutes, and other matters engaged him: folding up a handy umbrella, glancing at his watch, reading a guide book over his daughter’s shoulder. For one minute longer, he remained merely a tourist on a much-needed vacation. For one minute longer, the Great Cat never crossed his mind.

But the Great Cat could wait, and for this man she would wait forever.

She had left him a decade before, both of them reeling from the blood of their folly, in a deserted cottage on a desolate shore on the other side of the world. Had she eyes to see, she would know him instantly.

Eventually, respite ended. Eventually, Richard Ashmore lifted his head, his eyes scanning across the theatrical posters, in search of an evening’s entertainment suitable for a young girl. The titles made little impression – Les Miserables, The Graduate, Noises Off – until he saw her and everything around her blurred into oblivion.

He knew her too, instantly.


His worst mistake.
“Dad?” Julie touched her hand to his. “Do you think we can get tickets?”

“We can try.” Richard closed his fingers around hers, a talisman to ward memory off. “Don’t get your hopes up, Julie. Her concerts usually sell out.”

“Let’s ask over there,” suggested his daughter, pointing across the square to the ticket kiosk. “Maybe someone bought tickets and can’t go. Maybe someone dropped their tickets, and someone turned them in. Maybe —”

“Maybe, maybe, maybe,” he teased, but already he was allowing her to drag him across the stones towards the waiting queue.

They took their places in line. Julie was glowing with excitement, the happiest Richard had seen her since the morning before her grandparents had died. He was less optimistic. Others ahead of them had requested tickets, and the possibility of stray tickets lessened as they moved up the line. He sought to cushion her against disappointment by letting her plan the afternoon. They were only a couple of blocks from the National Gallery, or would she prefer to hop the tube for Harrods?

“Harrods,” said Julie immediately. “And tea, Dad.” She leaned in against him to look at his guidebook. “I have my birthday money from Lucy. I want to get something to wear to the concert.”

“Keep your money, kitten.” He wished that they had never seen the poster. Selfish, yes, but if meeting her eyes in a poster disturbed him, how would he feel to see her again, even in the black anonymity of an audience? Better not to know, better to go back to an occasional evening of listening to her songs in the dark and trying to make some sense of what had happened.

And Julie had endured enough recently.

They were second in line now, behind a couple attempting to get tickets to the latest Andrew Lloyd Webber. Good luck, thought Richard, who had tried for three months. They bought him a few minutes of reprieve while they settled for a sex comedy instead.

“Two for Cat Courtney,” he said, and if the gods had been with him, just this once, he would have been told in that inimitable British way, Sorry, sir, but that show has just sold out....

“Yes, a few tickets have been turned in,” and his fate was sealed. He and Julie looked at the seating chart. She sparkled as she so seldom did, and as he paid for the tickets he thought that he would bear any pain, any guilt, to see that look on her face.

“Those are good seats,” said the man behind him, another American from the sound of him. 

“I’ve seen her before, and she’s worth twice the price.”

Julie forgot her usual shyness with strangers. “I can’t wait! I’ve wanted to see her for so long —”

A woman with a Southern accent said kindly, “You know, darlin’, you’re just the picture of her.”

“Thank you,” said Julie. “I’m glad I am. She’s my aunt.”

And Richard Ashmore looked at the tickets and realized, with a shock, that it was June 9, and he had been married for seventeen years.
In his life, Richard Ashmore had made three mistakes with women. Not that three was so unusual; no man reached his thirties without suffering the particular pain that women could inflict and without inflicting it in return. He was luckier than most men, perhaps, for he had erred early and grievously, and caution had been driven into him like a bullet. He carried with him permanent reminders of his follies: a marriage gone disastrously wrong, the painful conscience that he had not always been the upright man his daughter loved, a shoulder that ached in cold weather.

Ah, Diana, unattainable once attained, a monumental mistake made in all the first flush of adolescent desire and pride. Too young to marry, too blindly in love to recognize the ice behind her eyes, he had turned a deaf ear to his father’s warning that his princess was hollow at her core.

Francie, silver-quick smile and hungry eyes, and his own need for the warmth of a woman’s arms. The dangerous combination of a magnum of champagne on New Year’s Eve and three years of exile from his marriage bed had erupted into a springtime of madness. The gods had demanded their due: a marriage wrecked beyond salvage, a family foundered, two young women cast adrift.

And the third.... Oh, but even now, all these years later, he stood before her picture, and he still did not understand. She watched him from the poster, more animated in flat gray and white than he had ever known her. But he knew those eyes. He knew how they adored him, how they burned in fever and desire, how they haunted odd moments of the day and dark pockets of the night.

Diana. Francie. Laura the Cat.

He supposed he had a special weakness for shuttered eyes that invited a man in with promises implied and unkept, for wild autumn hair spread gloriously across a pillow, for tall, elegant figures and clear, sweet voices and beguiling, destructive ways. They all three had this and more in common, and why not? They were sisters, after all.

About Lindsey Forrest: 

Lindsey Forrest, a lead writer/editor for an international information company, writes about income tax but prefers to dream of heroes and heroines and grand romance. With the publication of her trilogy, she checks off the top entry on her bucket list. She lives in north Texas with her family and cat and has a five-year plan for becoming a full-time novelist and editor of indie fiction. When she isn’t working or writing, she amuses herself with reading, needlepointing, tramping around historical sites and houses, and outbidding everyone who gets in her way on Ebay.

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