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Janet Nissenson Spotlight

Janet is a lifelong resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, and currently resides on the coast just south of the city with her husband Steve and Golden Retriever Max. She worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years before turning her focus to producing running events. She has been writing for decades but Serendipity is her first self-published work. She plans five more related books in this series, each one a standalone, so never any cliffhangers or long waits to see what happens next!
Serendipity (Inevitable #1)
Was meeting again an unfortunate twist of fate? Or was it just serendipity?

Julia McKinnon was convinced she’d found the one – the man of her dreams, the most seductive, experienced lover she’d ever known – and the night they’d spent together in New York was the stuff erotic fantasies were spun from. But with the dawn of a new day came only heartache and betrayal, and her dreams were snuffed out like so much fairy dust.

Nathan Atwood felt like the lowest sort of life form after seducing the incredibly beautiful girl he met in New York, only to break her tender heart with the confession that he was already involved with someone else. Leaving Julia was the hardest thing he’d ever done, and the memory of their passionate night together haunted his dreams for months afterwards.

Now fate has brought them together again, and they are forced to work alongside each other. Will Julia be able to put aside the feelings she still has for her handsome boss and forge a new life for herself in San Francisco? And how long will Nathan be able to resist the gorgeous woman he’s never really stopped thinking about or wanting?
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Splendor (Inevitable #2)
British hotelier Ian Gregson had it all – wealth, good looks, power, and a share in his family’s worldwide, multi-billion dollar luxury hotel chain. His very name was synonymous with sophistication and elegance, and any woman he wanted could be his with just a look. But the only woman he truly desired was strictly forbidden to him for too many reasons to count.
Tessa Lockwood was young, beautiful, and lonely, despite the fact that she was a married woman. Her life had not been an easy one, and the extravagant world she caught glimpses of as an employee of the Gregson Hotel Group was far beyond anything she could ever dream of. She could no more imagine herself ensconced in that sort of luxurious lifestyle than she could attracting the attention of her handsome, debonair boss.
Ian and Tessa secretly long for each other from afar, never daring to reveal their forbidden attraction to the other, until circumstances bring them together in a very unexpected way. And from that point on, nothing will stand in Ian’s way to finally make her his.
AUTHOR’S NOTE – despite what you might be thinking at this point, there is NO cheating in this story – just an incredibly romantic hero who will make you swoon with the way in which he sweeps the heroine off her feet!
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Shattered (Inevitable #3)
The Ghost

Angela Del Carlo has been living half a life, ever since he walked out on her, shattering her entire existence and leaving her to cope with picking up the fragments. Nothing seems to matter much anymore, and her life is a drab existence of work, run, repeat. She’s forgotten how to laugh, how to love, and even how to live. Most days she’s little more than a ghost.

The Devil

Nick Manning’s life has been one lived without compromise, without rules, and without regrets. Except for his one weakness, his one regret – Angela. What he did to her still tugs at his conscience, still fills him with remorse, and continues to haunt his dreams. But he stays away, knowing that he can never be the man she needs or give her what she deserves.

The Angel

But when fate intervenes and Angela’s and Nick’s paths cross again, she’s determined not to surrender her soul to the devil ever again, while he’s desperate to have his angel back in his arms – even if it means changing the rules to get it done.
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Sensational (Inevitable #4)
Releasing November 10th

Lauren McKinnon has always prided herself on never backing down from a challenge, living life to its fullest, and refusing to be ruled by her emotions. She is the quintessential wild child who became a bold, fearless woman, she doesn’t believe in regrets or second chances, and thinks that true love only happens in fairy tales. Except for the time it happened to her one magical summer. But unlike fairy tales, in real life love can also be cruel, and after having her heart broken Lauren has vowed to never allow herself to be vulnerable again.

Ben Rafferty has always been a loner, never truly belonging anywhere or to anyone, until the summer he visits Big Sur and meets the girl he immediately recognizes as his soulmate. But Lauren’s star shines far too brightly, and to stay with her means the real possibility of dimming that brilliant light. The decision to leave her behind will be the most difficult of his life, and for years later he’s left to wonder what would have happened if he’d stayed.
When their paths inevitably cross again, Lauren’s pride and refusal to forgive continues to keep them apart, as does the new woman in Ben’s life. As truths are eventually revealed, and emotions can no longer be denied, will Lauren and Ben finally find their way back to each other, or will they be destined to forever remain apart?
He placed his empty bottle in the recycling can just as a small but astonishingly firm hand clamped around his forearm.
“Wait. Look, I don’t know why I didn’t suggest this earlier,” said Lauren.  “You’re welcome to crash here for a few days.  This place is the perfect base if you want to explore Carmel and Monterey, plus there’s some great hidden spots just south of here.  And no one knows this area better than I do, so I could be like your tour guide.  What do you say?”
Ben was also not a man who was caught off guard very often, but Lauren’s unexpected, rather impulsive offer did just that.  “Uh, that’s not necessary,” he stammered.  “I mean, I wouldn’t want to impose.”
She snorted, a decidedly unfeminine sound.  “As if I’d let anyone impose on me, invited or not.  Besides, you’ll be earning your keep – doing the dishes, helping me walk and feed the dogs, taking out the trash.”
He hesitated.  “Why would you want to stick your neck out that way, Lauren?  You don’t even know me, just met me an hour ago.”
Lauren squeezed his forearm.  “I know enough.  I know you’re drawn to this house the same way I am.  So here’s your chance to hang out here for a few days.  Or however long you want to stay.”
Their gazes locked and held – dark blue staring down into emerald green – and in her eyes Ben recognized the exact same sort of physical awareness, the undeniable sexual attraction that he’d been experiencing from the moment he’d first met her.
His voice was rough as he tried to ignore the rapid hardening of his body, how his erection was pressing insistently against the snug crotch of his faded jeans.  Her scent – an oddly beguiling combination of the ocean, fresh lime juice, and the clean, fresh fragrance that was Lauren’s own unique essence – only made his awareness of her that much more pronounced.
“Didn’t your parents warn you not to invite strangers into the house?” he asked half-jokingly, desperate to lighten up the sexual tension that was beginning to seep into his very bones.  “What if I’m some sort of serial killer who preys on hot young college girls?  That sort of thing doesn’t worry you?”
Ben never saw it coming, admittedly hadn’t really believed her earlier claims of being a martial arts aficionado.  But when he found himself sprawled flat on his back, and Lauren smiling down at him triumphantly, he quickly revised his opinion.
“My parents know I can take care of myself,” she declared matter-of-factly.  “Not to mention the fact that I keep an undisclosed number of knives stashed in various places around the cabin that I can get to very easily.  So, no, honey.  I’m not the least bit worried about having a house guest for a few days.  Come on, let’s go get your stuff.”


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