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Kiss Me Series Abbie St. Claire Blog Tour

Kiss Me Series 
By Abbie St. Claire
Blog Tour

Kiss Me-There


A fifth-year surgical resident who only has time for her new career…
A talented heart surgeon who’s just returned from Doctors Without Borders and wants to make time for romance…

A relationship that can’t possibly get off the ground…or can it?

Quinn Ross has only a couple of months left of her residency in Houston before she takes her boards and joins a prestigious heart surgeon in Dallas. When she gets a serious case of pneumonia and becomes a patient herself, she meets Dr. Roman Burke.

Roman found his love in Doctors Without Borders and made a career out of helping those less fortunate, especially small children in places like Haiti. Roman hid his heart under a magnificent tattoo for a very private reason and when Quinn thinks she’s found the reason…she’s misled and very wrong, making a wild move which leaves her feelings and her heart locked away.

Can they find they find their way back to each other?

Kiss Me-My Ass


A standalone novella in the KISS ME Series 

A beautiful woman sells herself to the devil for a great paying job…
A New York stockbroker comes home to rescue his family’s business and violates company policy when he falls for an employee… 

What happens when you swim in the company pond… 

Paige Daltry was lucky enough to find a great position as executive assistant to the President of Dickerson Oil. The position more than tripled the salary of her previous position, but the trade-off couldn’t be worth it and something had to change. Barton Clay, the President of her company, sexually harassed her on a weekly basis and she found him to be the rudest, crudest human being to ever be around. She was waiting on the day when she could tell him to KISS HER ASS.

Logan Dickerson interned with his family’s oil business while finishing Grad School, but chose to pursue his dream of New York, leaving Houston in his rear-view mirror. He kept turning down his grandfather’s offer to run the company, but when a company accident injures his best friend, he returns home for a visit. That’s when everything his perfect life flips upside down.

A chance meeting through a mutual friend brings Paige and Logan together. But the accident brings about a formal investigation and what is found is far from what was expected, and who’s involved is quite surprising. When Logan receives videos of Paige with Barton’s hands on her, he gets the wrong impression.

Nothing is ever as it appears…

Author Bio

I've spent many years crafting stories
in my brain. Finally, after the encouragement from those that love and support
me the most, I put my first story out by self-publishing in 2013.

That first milestone created a writing
monster in me that couldn't be stopped and filled a void I cannot explain. Each
story is a true gift from my heart and a sacrifice from my soul, since I find
it difficult to let the characters go.

At home in Texas, my husband and I
share our life with children that mean the world to us and include a couple of
fur babies. When we aren't busy watching sports and betting on the game, we are
entertaining with friends.

I do have a writing cave, but
honestly, most of my work comes from the kitchen, the heartbeat of any home.
Since noise doesn't disturb me too much when writing, I can write and keep the
pulse on the family at the same time. And... Possibly enjoy my favorite, sinful
treat... Cookie dough!

The writer-reader world is my
lifeline. I'm addicted and each time I get a message from a reader, I'm
thrilled. There's quite a few stories planned for the next several months. I'm
hoping the readers fall in love with my next series, The Creek Series. A story that
is guaranteed to bring out all the emotions.

If you've read my books, thank you! It
truly means the world.

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